EVS: Stagii de voluntariat in Austria [DL:29.03]

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Mai multe organizatii acreditate SEV din Tirol cauta voluntari europeni pentru diverse proiecte SEV. Stagiile de voluntariat sunt pe termen lung si vor incepe in octombrie.
Data limita pentru inscriere este: 29 martie 2015
Mai multe informatii se gasesc in mesajul de mai jos.
Dear EVS Partners and Friends!
We would like to inform you about our new EVS vacancies in Tyrol, Austria:
Seven host organisations in Tyrol are currently looking for new
volunteers. There is a variety of different EVS projects, for example with young people, people with disabilities, elderly people, multimedia and alternative education.
Each service starts in October 2015 and all projects are long-term
The deadline to apply is on Monday, 29th of March.
All project details and the application procedure can be found on our website: http://www.mei-infoeck.at/evstyrol
as well as in the EVS Opportunities Database:
We are asking you to please spread our call in your networks and inform young people who could be interested in one or the other projects!
Please have your candidates read the project description closely. We are looking forward to interested young people!
We will apply to our National Agency for the 30-April-deadline.
In case of open questions, please feel free to contact me.
With an advanced Thank You for your cooperation!
Best regards from InfoEck Innsbruck,
Erika Mischitz, MA
EU-Programme Erasmus+: Youth in Action / EVS-Coordinator
InfoEck – Jugendinfo Tirol
A – 6020 Innsbruck I Kaiser-Josef-Str. 1
T +43 I 512 I 57 17 99 DW 15
F +43 I 512 I 585566
E erika.mischitz@infoeck.at
Skype: Erika.infoeck
ZVR 399463751

Sursa: https://www.mei-infoeck.at/eu-und-du/freiwilligendienst/volunteers/

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